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Montross Companies provides premiere solar roofing, solar panel installation services throughout Orange County. We are one of the best solar roofing company in Southern California.

Complete Roofing Systems

Commercial, industrial and multi-residential buildings

Complete Decking Systems

Acrylic, urethane, epoxy and fluid spray applied systems

Complete Sub-grade Systems

Building and structure waterproofing (sheet membrane/fluid applied)


From complete removal and replacement of existing systems to spray applied retrofit roofs

Metal Fabrication

Gutter, downspouts and roofing/decking related flashings

Roof Consulting

Destructive testing, due diligence reports and roof evaluations

Emergency Rain Leak Service

24 Hour/365 Day service with temporary tarping

Preventive Roof Maintenance Programs

Bi-annual and annual service

Leak Detection

Second to none experience level and success rate


Exterior (tilt-up) wall joint

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