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Winter in Southern California typically means rain, and after record-setting drought conditions throughout 2020, this is welcome news. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicts that Southern California will be part of a La Niña climate pattern this winter. SoCal property owners can avoid the blue tarp and save financially by being prepared for the rainy seasons and its impact on their roof.

What is La Niña?

La Niña is the partner to El Niño, a warm, wet weather phenomenon called the El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO).

During a La Nina weather pattern, below-average surface temperatures occur in both the central and eastern Pacific Ocean. Typically, La Niñas bring colder, wetter conditions in the northern U.S., with warmer and drier weather in the southern U.S. In this case, La Niña would worsen the drought outlook into 2021.

It’s important to know that severe storms and heavy rain can still exist in a La Niña weather pattern, but less often than normal. These storms can cause issues with flash flooding and debris flows. A significant storm after months of little to no rain can spell trouble for your property if you aren’t prepared.

How could La Niña impact my roof?

Your roofs have been exposed to intense heat, debris and other elements that are constantly making an impact on the stability of your property. The drought conditions are the worst enemy to your roof - they suck the oils out of your roof’s materials, causing dryness, cracks, and leaks. Many roofs in Orange County may already have encountered damage, but because they have not been inspected by the experts, property owners may not be aware that they are in trouble before it is too late.

All it takes is one good rain to reveal numerous roofing, waterproofing, deck and leak issues that have been hidden for quite some time. Are you prepared?

Your family, customers and residents are depending on you to insure a safe and watertight structure that will protect them and their investments. Leaks can undermine the structure of your home and cause thousands of dollars in damage to your property.

Take Advantage of the Experts at Montross Companies, Inc

Now is the time to schedule your annual roof inspection and maintenance. At Montross Companies, Inc., we provide customers with all roofing, decking, weatherproofing and solar needs. We do everything from below grade to complete roof maintenance, in addition to roof replacement and solar panel installation.

As a fourth-generation owned local California company, Montross knows the unpredictability of the La Niña weather pattern and can seek out problems before they arise. Knowing your roof is in shape prior to a dramatic rain event will provide you with the peace of mind that your investment will withstand whatever inclement weather Southern California faces this winter.

If your roof is damaged, your Montross roofing experts will provide you with an estimate to fix the issue so that you can take care of them as quickly as possible. Avoid the blue tarp. Contact us today to schedule your free inspection.

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